Saturday, November 24, 2012

Can a woman go to another country for education without a mahram?


Can a woman go to another Muslim country for education without a Mahram...She already made a mistake by going and now she is in her final year and realized that what she is doing is wrong. Allhumdulillah...but her dad is really pushing her to go. and he is very sad as she has refused to continue studies without a mahram..She is confused and dosen't know what to do.


A woman may travel for the purpose you have mentioned as long as she has taken all the necessary safeguards to protect her religion and honor. This is the sound ruling of many scholars of the past and the present-including 'A'ishah, the mother of the believers, and the beloved wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him). According to them, the Prophet's interdict against woman's travel without a mahram was because of his fear for her safety.
Therefore, there is no need for us to make this religion so rigid in order to restrict the movement of women.

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