Saturday, July 28, 2012

Are women allowed to work in the same offices as men?

A continuation of the male-female interaction fatwas.


I have just recently graduated from university in July. While at university, I became more aware of Islam and my role within it. I am looking for a job. I have come across conflicting views about women working and am really unsure whether I am allowed to work. I have been told it is better for me to learn sewing or design because this is a non-Muslim country and it is better for a woman not to work in an office. Some say it is unlawful for me to work in an office without wearing a face veil.


A woman may work in hospitals, offices, and other work environments even though there are men present. Working in mixed environments is not unlawful as long as the woman feels safe and is secure from trials.

You may uncover your face and your hands in the country where you are staying now because of the practicalities of the situation that you have explained.

It is better for a woman to continue working if abandoning work would bring hardship upon her or upon those she is supporting.

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