Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can Muslims take non-Muslims as friends? Part 1

A person asked about taking non-Muslim friends. Here's the reply.

Responding to your question, Dr. Wael Shihab, PhD in Islamic Studies, Al-Azhar University, and the Head of the Shari`ah Dept. of website, stated,

Thank you for your question.

In fact, a Muslim is required to be kind, cooperative, faithful, and friendly with his or her community members, colleagues, neighbors, etc.

At school, in office, or in any workplace a Muslim should cooperate with his or her colleagues in goodness for their own and for the public benefit and wellbeing. Allah Almighty says, {And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression.} (Al-Ma’idah 5: 2)

It is your duty, as a Muslim student, to be faithful, friendly, and cooperative with all your colleagues, Muslims and non-Muslims. You should translate the Islamic ethics and values into practice. Close and intimate friendship between boys and girls is un-Islamic. This kind of close friendship between boys and girls always leads to unacceptable behaviors.

So, you are to cooperate and deal with all your colleagues, boys and girls, within the general morals and values of Islam. Normal, decent, beneficial, fruitful, and moral talks, interactions, and communications among boys and girls are allowed provided that the dictates of Shari`ah are considered and adhered to

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