Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is the hadith "No man will be asked why he beat his wife" reliable?

HelloCan you tell me wether this hadith is sahih or not please"No man will be asked as to why he beat his wife"I find it very shocking. Genuine question as it makes me have a lot of doubts

This hadith is certainly deemed as weak and therefore, considered as unauthentic. It is also contradicted by the well-known principles of Islam as can be easily inferred from the Qur'an and sound tradition as no one can say a husband is allowed to beat his wife for no reason. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "There shall be no toleration of either inflicting of harm or reciprocating it." Allah orders men, in the Qur'an, that they must never inflict harm on their wives under any circumstances.
In order for a tradition to be considered as well attested, it must pass rigorous standards. A tradition must be deemed as sound in its chains of transmission as well as content. The former is called riwayah, and the latter is called dirayah. This tradition fails both tests: its chain of transmission is weak; its content is also contrary to the well-known principles as well as common sense.
In light of the above, we can easily conclude that the so-called tradition- you have referred to- should be rejected. We cannot ascribe words to the Prophet (peace be upon him) lightly. Let us remember the words of Imam Shafi'i about his teacher and mentor Imam Malik: Malik was an unsurpassed expert in judging traditions. In case of any doubts about a certain tradition, he would reject it outright. He did so because of his care not to tamper with the sources of Islam.

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