Saturday, July 28, 2012

Should Muslims vote and run for office in non-Muslim countries?

My own Imaam said its mandatory for Muslims to take part in politics. Because that way people will know who we are and what our needs are.


Are Muslims allowed to participate in voting in a non-Muslim country's elections? Can Muslims run for election in such a country?


I hold the opinion that it is lawful to participate in elections, as this may reduce suffering, and it is a way to choose the better among the availible candidates. I believe participating in elections will, in any event, contribute to the reduction of evil and be a forum for countering bad policies and exposing their deficiencies, as well as being an opportunity to present proposals of a different kind that may help people.

As for participation in politics itself, we should consider that if the parliaments and congresses of these countries do not have any Muslim members, then this will pave the way for the opposition to come forth with their harmful views and policies, which will consequently be incorporated into the laws of their countries and bring harm to the Muslims.

Therefore, it is better to endeavor to face these views before they become laws which will be much more difficult to revoke once they are passed.

I hold this opinion to participate in elections and to vote for those who seem to be good or at least less harmful than others.

However, there is another opinion on this matter held by some prominent scholars. This issue is a matter of disagreement among scholars.

And Allah knows best.

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